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Belper Arts Festival, in partnership with Accessible Belper, is sponsoring the installation of the Mobiloo on the Coppice Car Park during the Arts Trail on Sunday 5 and Monday 6 May.

 “Belper Arts Festival is developing a new initiative under the heading of 3A – Access All Arts.

The sponsorship of the Mobiloo is the first step in a year long programme that will develop accessibility for people with disabilities of all kinds,” said Festival Director George Gunby. “The sponsorship of Mobiloo reflects the commitment by Belper Arts Festival to the community. The Festival has funded community groups in the past but this is by far and away the biggest commitment to date.”

 A severe lack of  one of the most basic human requirements often prohibits some people from

joining in – adequate toilet facilities. Standard and disabled toilet facilities can be difficult and some people need a bit more space, additional privacy or, for medical reasons, a more hygenic environment. Young people and adults living with profound and multiple learning disabilities and disabling conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy, are often excluded from experiencing and participating in activities which most take for granted. Mobiloo offers an electric hoist, an adult sized changing bench, toilet, wash basin and a fully trained attendant.


 A spokesman for Mobiloo said “We make it possible for young people and adults living with a disability to take part in everyday activities, enjoy new experiences and make memories with family and friends.”


The Mobiloo will be sited on the Coppice Car Park, off the Market Place, Belper on 5 / 6 May from 10:30am to 4:00pm.

Further details of the Mobiloo can be found on the web site

For details of the Arts Trail –



During the summer I organised a charity concert and on the bill was a young singer from Derby.  After I introduced her I sat at the side of the stage and began looking at my notes about the next performer.  Then I heard the voice and my attention immediately switched to the woman on stage.  That woman was Emzae who had impressed earlier when she was interviewed for Derbyshire Artsword.

When asked if she could describe her music Emzae said “I don't have a label for it. Some people have called it bedroom pop, others synth pop but I don't know. I'm a singer songwriter in my mind.”

 Initially influenced by the Spice Girls and Britney Spears, Emzae then found the music of Damon Albarn and 'loves everything he's done.' She has shared her self-produced music online since 2014 and has amassed support from BBC Introducing, who have aired a number of her tracks  including a spell as track of the week on her local station, BBC Radio Derby. Emzae was also invited her  play at various events including ‘Faction’ at Rough Trade, Nottingham, and Dot to Dot Festival 2018.

 Her thoughtful brand of melancholic pop music combines personal and observational lyrics, experimental lo-fi beats and emotive vocals to create memorable songs that make audiences sit up and listen. Following her single, 'Lucid Dreaming', and the subsequent remix EP, featuring Radio 1 supported producer Dopla, and a successful set at Nottingham’s Hockley Hustle festival, Emzae introduces her new track 'Glory'.

I spoke to Emzae about the inspiration behind the track.

“Glory is a slow-burning, emotional song that has proved popular at recent live gigs. It is essentially about being in your twenties and feeling as though you are part of a giant machine that you have no control over,” Emzae said. “Glory is about the feeling that you are stuck in a cycle and you’re not quite sure you’re getting anywhere. It’s about feeling alone and craving a connection with other people in the same boat. It’s about watching other people’s lives online to convince yourself that they have it better than you and that there’s the possibility you could too. It’s about the comfort of that but also the jealousy, superficiality and unnecessary critique of yourself. It’s about doing all you can to maintain your free time, your creativity and your dreams as they all slide out of view. And it’s about the world telling you you’ve got it easy, and you should just go and have a bit of avocado on toast. Ultimately, it’s about keeping the faith. Knowing that one day, if we stick it out and support each other, our generation will be the leaders and that we can all make a positive change to the world.”


 You can find Emzae's music on Spotify and do look out for her live shows.


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